Mindfulness in Greece

Our Services

  • Greece holiday & workshops

  • Workshop Mindfulness & the Inner Lover meditation in Greece, 5 days. 

  • Workshop Inquiry Who am I  ? Discovery Transformation of the Ego, 5 days. 

Both workshops Starting  may be in JuLy 2021, depending of Corona 


Do you like to combine a holiday and  give yourself  a Beautifull workshop where you can develop tools to live more in peace?


The workshop cost 450,00 euro, including: 

  • the audio and paper study material. This will be sent to you after signing up for the Mindfulness & Inner Lover workshop.   
  • all meals in the Centre of Kalikalos in Greece, of a total of 5 days. One evening dinner we go together to a beautiful restaurant on the seaside , that is on your own cost.
  • taxi possibility for a pick-up from Volos bus station at 17.45 on 2th of June.
  • shared  accomodation (3 or 4 bedroom).  For a 1 or 2 bedroom the price will then be higher.
  • Kalikalos offers a free ride every day after  Lunch to the beach and going back to the Centre in Kissos around 17.30.


  • The workshop Mindfulness & The Inner Lover  is to discover your possibilities to teach  yourself the way of being free of 'suffering' from any type of thoughs of stress, emotional pain, physical pan, depression, lack of energy, negative thinking, fears etc. All that can block you to express your outmost beautiful being and your creative impulse.
  • The tools you learn in the workshop are not difficult, you only have to be willing to use the tools in every day life. The old negative prints in the brain and the body need to be reset by using new ways of working with the mind and the consciousness attention.  
  • The Inner Lover practise is a guided meditation in which you learn to work with the consciousness attention to be aware and experiencing  that the Love is always inside you.
  • If interested please fill in the form on the Contact page of www.innerbalance-training.nl and send it in.  You can also email me or make a call if there are any questions.

Kalikalos (www. kalikalos.org is a Living Community from the principles of Findhorn in Scotland. Every person in the workshop  will be asked to join the Community and help out for some time a day (about 1 hour). Jobs like: watering the garden or preparing breakfast or dinner together. Kalikalos is in the Mainland from  Greece, called Kissos in the Pelion. A beautiful mountain area with lots of  green nature and big trees, flowers, waterfalls and walking paths  who lead to beaches with sparkling waves and Greek taverns.

Hope to see you in sunny Greece!

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